Watch Ocean Leader Diva Amon in Disney+ series ‘Welcome to Earth’

In the recent Nat Geo and Disney + series ‘Welcome to Earth’, hosted by Academy Award winner Will Smith, deep-sea biologist and Ocean Leader Diva Amon guides us on a journey to experience some of the most thrilling spectacles in the ocean.

In her leading episode, Diva is joined by Will in a deep water submersible to 1000m below the surface of the Caribbean.  As the pair descend to the deep ocean, they explore the theme of colour observing the fascinating light displays of creatures that live in the darkness.

Featuring in a further three episodes of the six part series, Diva takes us on exciting ocean expeditions, from listening to sperm wales in the Atlantic, watching 100 feeding mantas work together to feed more efficiently and confronting the concept of time with anemones in the UK.

Alongside her work as a deep -biologist, Diva is also the founder and director of SpeSeas, an NGO dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to appreciate and use the ocean now but also in the future. SpeSeas foster scientific study, engage and educate stakeholders, and advocate for the sustainable use of the seas surrounding Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

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