Podcast with Diva Amon: What’s at stake if we mine the deep-sea?

As the International Seabed Authority gathers in Jamaica to thrash out regulations for mining the deep sea, Chris Michael of the Guardian’s Seascape team gives Ian Sample the background to this highly contested decision. Ian also hears from the marine biologist Dr Diva Amon about why some scientists are sounding the alarm. Listen here

Hugo Tagholm: Inside Science

Radio Show Wild Isles – In 2020, the UK government committed to protecting at least 30% of land and sea for nature by 2030. Step seven years into the future with Gaia. The UK has achieved its biodiversity goal, but what does wild Britain look like? Richard Benwell, CEO of wildlife and Countryside Link, Meredith …

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Hugo Tagholm: DRS disaster, dormice killings and surfing on sewage.

Listen as The ENDS Report team examine why Scotland may be heading towards a plastics disaster over its nascent deposit return scheme, the implications for illegally destroying three acres of dormouse habitat, and why surfer Hugo Tagholm continues the fight to improve our UK coastal waters Link to podcast: https://www.endsreport.com/article/1818116/drs-disaster-dormice-killings-surfing-sewage

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