Explore stories and voices from the field with the latest updates from Edinburgh Ocean Leaders. 

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Leaders’ Stories: get to know the 2020 Edinburgh Ocean Leaders

From its conception, the ethos of Edinburgh Ocean Leaders (EOL) has been to support leaders in situ, wherever they may live or work around the …

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An interview with Edinburgh Ocean Leader Yolanda Sanchez on creating RELATO, a multinational marine education network.

Ocean literacy is an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you—and your influence on the ocean. It is increasingly recognised as an essential pathway to …

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Hear from Edinburgh Ocean Leader Charlie Gough with an update from Blue Ventures

Edinburgh Ocean Leader Charlie Gough is Head of Monitoring and Evaluation at award-winning marine conservation charity Blue Ventures. In her role she oversees the monitoring …

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Catch up with Edinburgh Ocean Leader Adam Miller in Edinburgh Friends Magazine

Edinburgh Ocean Leaders (EOL) was recently featured in Edinburgh Friends magazine. The article catches up with 2020 Ocean Leader Adam Miller about taking part in …

Harriet Harden-Davies Formal News

Edinburgh Ocean Leader Harriet Harden-Davies speaks at Marine Science-Policy Interface

This roundtable will bring together marine scientists, social scientists and legal researchers who have experience in contributing to UN policy processes on the ocean.  Researchers …

Monaco Blue 2 News

Edinburgh Ocean Leaders contribute to MBI 2020

Along with high-level panellists, from around the world, the Edinburgh Ocean Leaders contributed their knowledge and expertise to the first-ever Digital Monaco Blue Initiative. This …

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