The 2020 Cohort

Meet the inspirational young professionals selected as the inaugural 2020 cohort of the Edinburgh Ocean Leaders Programme.

We are delighted to say that the inaugural cohort of six Ocean Leaders are on board! They were selected through a global nomination search and chosen by an international selection committee.

Their interests and experiences are diverse in setting and vision, including: ocean literacy and activism in Chile, marine governance and policy in Panama, village-lead conservation in Indonesia, alternative livelihoods in Madagascar, campaigns for clean seas in the UK, and UN treaty processes on the global high seas.

Yolanda Sanchez

Developer of educational programmes in marine conservation and researcher of ocean literacy in Chile.

Shirley Binder

Environmental Policy Director in the Government of Panama and President of the Cobia National Park Board.

Hugo Tagholm

Environmentalist, award-winning campaigner, surfer, charity professional and a TEDx speaker.

Charlie Gough

Helps communities in Madagascar understand their conservation outcomes through monitoring and evaluation.

Adam Miller

Co-founder of an international charity that uses a village-led approach to coastal conservation.

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