Ocean Leader Harriet Harden-Davies leads initiative to amplify coastal community voices

The Ocean Voices programme, a scheme to better involve coastal communities in efforts to protect the world’s ocean is being lead by 2020 Ocean Leader Harriet Harden-Davies.

The programme aims to promote more sustainable management of the oceans by delivering training, building partnerships and supporting interdisciplinary research.

The scheme is a partnership between the University of Edinburgh and the Nippon Foundation, which has committed $700,000 for the first year of the scheme and will support it over the next five years.

Harriet said “I am honoured to be starting this new role as Director of the Nippon Foundation University of Edinburgh Ocean Voices Programme, and excited to work with our partners and friends worldwide to develop capacity for better ocean stewardship. Through our research, science diplomacy network, and Fellowship programme we aim to connect scientists, local communities and policymakers and support emerging leaders to secure a sustainable and equitable ocean future.”


Up to 25 people from coastal communities around the world will be awarded fellowships as part of the programme, to help increase the diversity of voices involved in international ocean science and policy.

Fellows will be involved in developing policy, the publication of research findings and the wider communication of key developments.

The scheme will also help forge new international partnerships between researchers and policymakers, support research to identify barriers and pathways to ocean conservation and sustainable use, and provide skills training for PhD students and researchers.

Ocean Voices has been officially endorsed by the United Nations as a scheme supporting the objectives of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).

For more information visit the Ocean Voices website


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