Yolanda Sanchez

Developer of educational programmes in marine conservation and researcher of ocean literacy in Chile.

Yolanda studied Marine Science in Spain and her Masters in Science Education in Chile. She has been supporting marine conservation through education during the last seven years by designing, implementing, and evaluating educative programs for universities and NGOs. Yolanda has combined science education tools, ocean literacy, community engagement, and communication strategies to create programs that teach participants about the ocean in a way that allows them to share this information with their communities. She is also one of the authors of the illustrated book Chile es Mar and is leading the development of the Latin-American Marine Educators Association.

Currently, she is working as an independent marine education consultant and alongside the team of Fundación Batiscafo, which she co-founded, is researching ocean literacy levels in Chile. Her goals are to improve education methodologies to involve communities in conservation activities and to show the need to include education strategies in every marine conservation process.

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