Ocean Leaders 2020 Launch

Edinburgh Ocean Leaders (EOL) launched in 2020 with an inaugural cohort of six Ocean Leaders. They were selected through a global nomination search and chosen by an international selection committee. Their interests and experiences are diverse in setting and vision, including: ocean literacy and activism in Chile, marine governance and policy in Panama, village-lead conservation in Indonesia, alternative livelihoods in Madagascar, campaigns for clean seas in the UK, and UN treaty processes on the global high seas.

COVID – 19 Updates

The ethos and design of EOL is to support leadership in situ and globally distributed. The COVID-19 pandemic makes the mission of the EOL even more timely as we support remarkable leaders in navigating exceptional change across the world’s oceans and seas.
In light of this exceptional year, the 2020 Cohort is conducting ongoing exchanges and discussion sessions on-line, including bespoke individual and group leadership coaching, and high-level participation in the first ever in the first ever ‘digital’ Monaco Blue Initiative.

During 2020, participation by the Ocean Leaders in an international field-based leadership mission, and  other high-level conferences are planned.  These are being developed as global travel circumstances evolve.

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