Loyiso Dunga

Loyiso Dunga, from the highlands of southern Africa’s Wild Coast, is a conversationist and marine biologist by training with an honorary master’s from the University of Cape Town. He developed the first comprehensive and consistent national map of South Africa’s kelp forests, named the Great Africa Sea Forest. Loyiso is deeply committed to raising awareness about the beauty, fragility, and importance of these ecosystems. Loyiso serves as a Director of Outreach Programs and National Lead for the Seas of Good Hope UNESCO nomination, a legacy project by Parley for the Oceans and the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) to develop a serial mixed World Heritage Site for coastal and marine natural and cultural heritage in South Africa. His work bridges science, policy and communities, aiming for better coordination in safeguarding ocean ecosystems. He emphasizes the integration of scientific research and indigenous knowledge to restore our coexistence with nature. Previously, Loyiso led a marine and coastal monitoring division, where his team made strides in cultivating giant kelp offshore. Loyiso’s current focus centres on engaging with and learning from communities to understand the essence of bottom-up ocean protection

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