Gelica Eugenio Inteca

Gelica Eugenio Inteca possesses over seven years of experience in marine biodiversity conservation. Presently, Gelica serves as a Lecturer and Researcher at Lurio University, a Trainer at Ocean Hub Africa, and is pursuing a PhD in Environmental Management at the University of South Africa. In her role as a lecturer, Gelica is dedicated to teaching at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and engaging in community work in the coastal areas of Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique. As an Ocean Hub Trainer, she leads project planning and implementation while also mentoring entrepreneurs. Her doctoral research focuses on sea turtle ecology and conservation. In 2022, Gelica was honoured with the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders (YALI), participating in the Civic Engagement program at the University of Georgia and the Professional Development Experience at Conservation International in Washington DC, United States of America. Gelica earned her degree in Biological Sciences from Lurio University, Mozambique, and completed her master’s degree in Natural Resource Management for Tropical Development at the University of Florence, Italy.

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