Eva Medianti

Eva Medianti serves as a Senior Manager for Gender and Financial Inclusion at Rare Indonesia, where she champions gender equality and financial inclusion within fishing communities. Her role involves overseeing the implementation of financial literacy training, microenterprise development, and savings club initiatives. Through the programme, more than 2400 individuals have received training to enhance their household finances and fisheries business management. Notably, around 1800 members, predominantly women, now participate in more than 50 savings clubs across South East and North Sulawesi Provinces. This program increases equal participation of men and women in the Fish Forever program that supports marine and fisheries conservation in Indonesia. Eva has an undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia and a Masters of International Development Practice from Monash University, Australia. In 2018, Eva co-founded Sahabat Laut Indonesia (SLI), a youth community that focuses on raising awareness of marine conservation for children and students across Indonesia. Her passion for the sea drives her professional activities with Rare and SLI and is also the reason she became a certified diver.

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