Alexis Grosskopf

Ocean entrepreneur; Founder and CEO of ocean-impact accelerator, OceanHub Africa

Alexis Grosskopf is the Founder and CEO of OceanHub Africa, an ocean-impact accelerator focusing on strengthening the development and adoption of new sustainable ocean solutions in Africa. Alongside OceanHub Africa, Alexis co-founded the annual Ocean Innovation Africa summit to promote innovative technologies, policies and finance to further sustainable blue growth continentally. Alexis holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Environmental Engineering from Imperial College London. Former management and sustainable development consultant, he has since been working in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation for 10 years, including 5 in Africa. In addition to OHA, he holds leadership positions on several initiatives such as within the 1000 Ocean Startups coalition, the Great Blue Wall initiative, and the UN-endorsed program Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions.

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