Johnson Grayson

Project Coordinator at Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Tanzania.

Johnson Mshana is a Project Coordinator at Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Tanzania and a passionate conservationist with ten years of experience working in complex marine environments on community co-fisheries and marine protected area management. He uses interdisciplinary and community-centered strategies to empower coastal communities, especially women and youth, to make informed decision-making around fisheries management, and find alternative ways to supplement income and food sources. Through his work, he has created scientific evidence to inform and spearhead community-based conservation projects and policy changes for improved marine resources management. In the past four years, he served as the Chairman of the research committee of the Deep Sea Fishing Authority (DSFA) Tanzania, a governmental organization responsible for scientific advice on matters related to deep-sea fisheries. Grayson has a PhD and MSc in marine science from University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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