Tommy Melo

Co-founder of conservation NGO, working to protect the marine environment of Cabo Verde.

Tommy is a biologist, diver, fisher, surfer and sea enthusiast. From an early age, he has worked in marine conservation through scientific research, conservation programmes, educational programmes, political lobbying and community development. In 2006, he co-founded award-winning NGO, Biosfera for the Conservation of Nature in Cabo Verde. His current work is dedicated to creating, implementing and improving the marine protected area plan for Cape Verde. He is also designing forms of participatory co-management, supporting communities to strengthen their capacity for sustainable practices and developing Cape Verde’s blue and circular economy. In 2021, he will launch a product line promoting Cabo Verde’s artisanal fishery products with a goal to support sustainable fishing practices and the livelihoods of local fishers.

Biosfera for the Conservation of Nature website

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