Bola Majekobaje

Executive director of conservation NGO and author.

Bola Majekobaje lives in her home country of Palau where she serves as the Executive Director of Palau Conservation Society (PCS), Palau’s first conservation NGO. PCS takes a full ecosystem approach with priorities focused on sustainable land management, protected areas, youth and community outreach, and more. Prior to entering the conservation sector, Bola had a successful career at Washington State University Vancouver (U.S.) where she worked with university leadership to achieve diversity, inclusion, and equity for students, staff, and faculty. Bola is a children’s author. Her debut book, Grandpa and the Baby Sea Turtles was written in Palauan and English and has been distributed to youth throughout Palau. The book, which makes connections between Palauan culture and conservation, was made possible through the Indigenous Leaders Fellowship through Conservation International.  Coming from a small island nation, Bola is particularly concerned about climate change and its current and future effects on indigenous people, people of colour, and low-income people throughout the world.

Palau Conservation Society website

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