Professor Sandy Tudhope

Co-Director, Edinburgh Ocean Leaders

Sandy Tudhope is Professor of Climate Studies and is the University of Edinburgh’s Lead on Climate Responsibility and Sustainability.  His research and teaching focus on corals and corals reefs, on the nature and drivers of tropical climate variability and change, and on the potential for MPAs and alternative marine-based sustainable livelihood options to balance social and environmental needs. 

Although based at the University of Edinburgh for the majority of his career, Sandy spent over ten years overseas, in the United States (University of Washington and University California Santa Barbara) and in Australia (Australian Institute of Marine Sciences). He has extensive experience in organising international expeditions and field courses, including in Melanesia, the Galápagos Islands, Jamaica and the Maldives.  During a six-year tenure as Head of School, Sandy instigated and actively promoted a leadership programme for senior and aspiring academic and professional leaders.

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